New Kits 2019/2020 V2

New Kits 2019/2020 V2

I just put them together and edit the number colors and placements + collars in the "teamkits" and "competitionkits" table.
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- To have the right number and name colors + have the right collars : 1) use the squadfile OR 2) import teamkits and competionkits true RDBM ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- New Kits for Season 2019/2020 + Mini Kits EPL: Liverpool (Away) West Ham (Home, Away & GK) Bundeliga: Bayern (3th) BvB (Home edited, GK) Monchengladbach (Home) La Liga: Athletic Bilbao (Home,Away & GK) Atlético Madrid (Away) Barcelona (Away edited) Espanyol (Home) Serie A: Inter (Away) Milan (Away) Ligue 1: PSG (Home, GK & 3th) Liga NOS: Benfica (Home, Away & GK) Eredivisie: Ajax (Home, Away & GK) Feyenoord (Away & GK) ----------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- V1: EPL: Arsenal (Home & Away) Bournemouth (Home & GK) Brighton (Home, Away & GK) Chelsea (Home, GK & 3th) Crystal Palace (Home) Leicester (Home, Away, GK & 3th) Liverpool (Home & GK) Manchester United ( Home, Away, GK & 3th) Manchester City (Home) Southampton (Home, Away, GK & 3th) Spurs (Home) Watford (Home) Bundesliga: Bayern Munchen (Home & GK) Dortmund (Home & Away) La Liga: Atlético Madrid (Home) Barcelona (Home, Away & GK) Real Madrid (Home, Away & 3th) Serie A: Inter (Home) Juventus (Home, Away, GK & 3th) Milan (3th) Roma (Home & 3th)

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