October 20, 2018

The mod improves the following aspects of FIFA 18 career mode:
·         Improved player growth so that player who performs, trains and play more regularly improves further than player who do not.
·         Ability to train stats such as sprint/acceleration(use the penalty training
·         Improved training for younger player with higher potential.
·         All player stats/abilities revealed.
·         Match sim is fixed and takes a team’s overall into account more.
·         Improved transfer from smaller teams/players(3 times more transfer from smaller clubs
·         Improved chances of getting more offers for your player from another team.
·         Improved job offers.
·         Improved youth generation(fixed mental stats and work rate).
·         Youth player now starts from 14 years old.
·         Improved youth scouting. They are more randomized and realistic.
·         Improved CPU line up selection(they should pick their best team now).
·         Improved player morale(fringe player should whine less not being selected every match).
·         Improved sacking so the board is more lenient.

Thanks to the great work of – GalaxyMan2015 and benji – we’re able to start modding the FIFA 18 career mode again!
MOD 18 – A Realistic Career Mode for FIFA 18
Install / How to use
NOTE: You need to load Frosty Editor every time when playing the game!
1.     Download latest release of MOD18 *NOTE: tags are based on FIFA 18 update release date
2.     Download latest Frosty Tool Suite
3.     Open FrostyEditor, choose File, Open and load CMMOD18.fbproject
4.     Hit the Launch button!
Checkout the groups of the CL/EL to find out if the mod was properly loaded:
Use groups of the Champions League and Europa League (using replacements for teams not included in the game.
·         Improvements to the transfermarkt
·         More teams should be active and search for replacements (even low team)
·         Higher chance of free agents
·         Movements should reflect the ‘real world’ a bit more/bit more realistic
·         Better players results by global scouting (GTN)
·         Changes to the tiers/league ratings (see docs/Leagueratings.xlsx)
·         Increased player values and wages
·         Player values are now based on club prestige and player international rank
·         Teams should play with a bit better line-up, rest their top players in low ranked matches
·         Higher chances of job manager offer(s)
·         Sim. results should be a bit more realistic
·         Higher chance of release clauses in some leagues
·         Lowered chances of low teams getting rich all of the sudden
·         Player growth
·         Training
·         Gameplay
·         Counter improvements
·         Improve loan movements

Credits: IMstudio
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