IMs patch 2.0.5 NEWW SQUADS

New (9/7/2018) squads IMs patch 2.0.5 included all summer transfers!!!

This mod is made in the CG Explorer FIFA 18!
In download folder!

Download IMS Patch Newest Squads

Open CG choose FIFA 18, then wait for NONE so far Cg.Than will open on the right open PATCH, choose IMPORT, choose ours 1.4 2018 as IMs, load him. Further at the left press CREATE (brown color the button) wait so far will become green (will take some time). Close CG and play!

credits: IMstudio

IMs patch 2.0.5 NEWW SQUADS IMs patch 2.0.5 NEWW SQUADS Reviewed by gamesever on Eylül 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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