World Cup Boots Unlocker V1.1

Hey guys,
This is the hidden boots unlocker. Yes, I managed to also unlock the WorldCup boots [11 boots to be precise], that I could find at the moment in game mainly highlighting NIKE,Umbro and UA. Definitely idea was not mine, but surely method was mine. So enjoy, but first please do read the notes before to avoid any trouble.
1) Obviously you must have downloaded the World Cup update.
2) This mod isnt compatible with any other mod.
3) You must apply this mod last.
4) This mod is made on dx12 and Frosty Editor V Hence, kindly use only ModManager V Unless it might give you all crash to origin.
I have also included the edited db, if u wanna apply it on ur own mod. ________________________________________________________________

Stay tuned for more.
As always thnx for love and patience.


credits: Nick_BlueLion

World Cup Boots Unlocker V1.1 World Cup Boots Unlocker V1.1 Reviewed by gamesever on Haziran 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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