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Thanks to master Shawminator from we will be able to enjoy an amazing tool that will allow you to mod FIFA 18 like never before. Frosty Editor was a great first step but this tool is specifically designed for FIFA 18. Yes. As you see in the screenshots it has a Creation Master ( master Shawminator thanks Rinaldo for help with this ) like in FIFA 16! Check out the screenshots and enjoy! Coming soon at!

It won´t matter if you have FIFA updated or not, this tool will work without problems. You will just have to point to FIFA 18, wait for the tool to load resources and start modding. You will be able to import your own kits or make any change you want. s_6880_1-1.jpg Of course, still we are not able to add files ( for instance add a third kit or import a mini head to a player that don´t have one ) but you can mod any texture present in the game as well as the database, competition files, etc. I´ve said still, we don´t know how far master Shawminator will go. s_6880_3 Editing textures have never been easier. Just import your png, no need for complex DDS Photoshop plugins. No matter the texture size, CG File explorer ( when importing through Creation Master ) will resize it for you to fit the right one.

Check out Creation Master ( now named DA - Dynamic Assigner ), You can edit teams ( even traits ), you can edit players ( even appearance ), kits ( check out kits 3D models ) and much more. You can mod competition files to create your own competitions for career or tournament mode.

CG File Explorer 18 (Created by shawminator)


FIFA 18 CG File Explorer allows you to edit FIFA 18, export/import textures, edit database, created mods.

How to install Install CG File Explorer.  Once CG File Explorer 18 is installed, find the shortcut icon and bring up it’s properties, select advanced and check “Run as administrator”. The tool requires this regardless of whether or not you have Administrator privilege.

Launch CG File Explorer 18.

Splash screen will display and a box will be displayed asking you to select your FIFA 18 executable file, browse to the install path containing the executable and select it.

Once selected another box will be displayed asking you to select your mod, you will have the option of “None” and “Import Patch” as well as a check box displaying Load Mod into the Explorer, check it.

Select None and CG File Explorer 18 will begin to load the game’s files, depending on your machine hardware it will take longer for some than it will for others, PLEASE be PATIENT.

Once CG File Explorer 18 is loaded you will be brought to CG File Explorer 18’s main screen.

For more details check out Documentation file present in CG File Explorer folder.

NOTE: Windows language should be run in English


      Credits : Shawminator
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