Bootpack Nicked WC EditioN

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait. I was busy with exams and some personal stuff. But hey finally. This is the standalone mod for the WORLD CUP, means only only WC boots are in. So if you all want previous boots too, make sure to grab Bootpack Nicked V5.0. INSTALLATION:
1) To make it work, apply Bootpack Nicked v5 and then apply this WC edition mod.
2) If you want the official versions of the boots hidden in-game [11 boots], grab World Cup boots unlocker and apply after these two.
PS: IF you want them to work perfectly, please it is very important for them to be in this order and this order only.
VERY IMPORTANT: This mod was made on FrsotyEditor V1.0.3.1. Hence, please use ModManager V1.0.3.1 only. Other versions [specially V1.0.4.2] might give crash to you. FrostyModmanager v1.0.3.1: Download
TROUBLESHOOTING: Check Notes (Very Important)


As always, quick shoutouts to: GalaxyMan, Houss3m
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