This mod is only a little start. I’ve released very quickly.
I hope you enjoy! Don’t worry I’ll share some tips in order to properly use Frosty Suite.
At moment you need only the Frosty MM, so enjoy this mod.

This mod include a tweaked FIFA 18 Main database with following features:
– Unlocked all kits, balls, boots, stadiums
– Unlocked 3 Journey stadiums now availables in Friendly mode
– AGPE MatchIntensity table tweak (big impact in the gp like oldest fifa versions)
– AGPE BigAttendance and NoAttentance tables tweak (big impact in the gp)

All these features affect always every Rosters File you load.
For example you can load Cold Open Rosters and on addon you can have unlocked features

So this database mod isn’t for start the career but is only to unlock features and patch tables not included in roster db.
In the fact roster inside the db are not updated.

So you can download and load every roster with updated trasfers and you are done.
No unlocked Teams because this tweak will cause issue in the game when you want to download updated rosters from in-game menù.

Again: All GP EVO tweaks like match intensity affect every Roster you load from documents.
I think you can now assign any Journey stadium/arena for generic teams @ career start.
To enable this mod, you must go in Rosters and then Restore to default.
Check info folder for help pics.
Now load your rosters like COM 1.0 IMMERSIVE GP. Start a new career.

– Download from below
– Extract mod’s *.rar archive in a folder
– Start FrostyModManager then click Import mod,
now go/browse inside MOD folder and select mod file to import: FIFA18_DB_MOD_0_1_[D+].fbmod
– Finally Enable imported mod (double click in the mod title)
– Click Launch to dream

I’ll release an update asap to unlock other arena stadiums because I forget to enable in this db mod version. For play the career it’s now perfect.
I’ve patched the main db matchintensity table with my most loved settings I’ve released for the magic FIFA WC 2010, when I’ve simulated the same match intensity seen in TV during the WC with very slow start, first half is very slow. Bye



 Installation Video 

Always thanks to GalaxyMan vs iBra012

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